About Us

MoltenHeights Limited is a rapidly expanding company located in the United Kingdom. We aim to offer trustworthy, outstanding and superb goods and services at minimal cost. We offer a wide range of goods to meet a wider group. We are pleased to bring our purpose built-online retail website, covering a wide selection of goods from homeware, toys, garden groceries and more.

The devoted team at Molten Heights, will assist you not just by selecting products, but with a championing experience from order to delivery of goods. We provide you with the latest and astonishing products in outdoor, baby toys and gaming at a low budget. Helping the creative and learning skills in children is one of our major priority, by providing them with the latest movie and TV show favourites alongside the best and newest brand around.

With a fully functional online store, you can shop at your very own convenience. We accept all major credits cards, please see our payments terms
for more details. Information relating to opening hours, home delivery and safety are also available.